Co-op Care Bar

“Henry, our head baker, reformulated our “Squirrel Bar” and I was honored that he picked me for my opinion of the new recipe. Wow, I love this nutritious, gluten-free bar even more than before if that’s possible—love the crunch and toastiness! You’ve gotta try one!”

— Kerry K






Liquid Geography Rosé Wine

“When I select a wine, I admit my choice is often influenced by the label and this wine was no exception. Liquid Geography caught my eye with its lovely label design. But once I tried it, I was back for more! And Liquid Geography is at such a great price, what better way to support 3 causes? 100% of the profits are split between 3 charities to find a cancer cure, feed those in natural disasters, and help those with disabilities. Try this wine with a piece of our salmon and a Caesar salad from our deli case!”

— Sue E




Urban Moonshine Immune Tonic

“Every time I feel a little under the weather, I take a few drops of Immune Tonic and literally feel better the next day! I recommend everyone have this herbal tonic on hand. I’ve learned it’s the medicinal red reishi mushrooms that are important for building up immunity with daily use.”

—Yuko M