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Michael Faber

General Manager

Michael oversees all aspects of our co-op’s day-to-day operations. He ensures our cooperative meets the goals developed by our Board of Directors, a group of member-owners elected by our member-owners. Additionally, Michael serves on the board of Monadnock Farm and Community Coalition, lending his experience to help build a more local sustainable food system. He enjoys growing food for his family. For example, he grows his own grain corn, grinds it into cornmeal, and makes waffles to put his homemade maple syrup on. It’s his kids’ favorite.

Sue Ells

HR Manager

Sue helps our co-op find those friendly people our Member-Owners have grown to expect when they shop here. She makes sure our staff is paid and receive their benefits. Sue is also Finance Secretary for Monadnock Covenant Church, Treasurer of the local HR chapter, Treasurer of Stratton Free Library in West Swanzey, Treasurer for the Town of Swanzey, and Treasurer for the Monadnock Regional School District. If she has any spare time left, she loves to host gatherings for friends and family and enjoys reading mystery novels.

Leanne Horvath

Finance Manager

Leanne provides financial leadership and support to our co-op that ensures transparency and timely communication around our finances. She began her accounting career as an intern for the movie Spiderman 3 at Sony, and her first job was on the film Zodiac, directed by David Fincher. Leanne is also the founder of the Monadnock Comedy Cult that brings standup comedy in the region to build community around comedy. Beyond all this, she raises rare heritage breed poultry and currently has 63 chickens and ten ducks. She also loves to garden and forage for edibles.

Jen Risley

Marketing Manager

Jen manages our marketing team – a small but mighty group who work each day to tell our co-op’s story to our community. She served as an early organizer of our co-op in 2007 and was a founding board member in 2010. In addition to her co-op work, she’s program manager of The Local Crowd Monadnock, a community-based crowdfunding program, and a steering committee member for Monadnock Alliance for Sustainable Transportation. She loves to skip the car and go by bicycle or foot whenever she can. A bit of trivia, her past jobs included teaching about edible insects and conducting roadkill surveys.

Stephanie Wright

Store Manager

Stephanie facilitates, collaborates, and brainstorms with our Department Managers to keep our store’s operations efficient – always keeping our customer and community needs in mind. Outside of work, she finds ways to enjoy the Monadnock Region and all of the beauty it offers -- backpacking, hiking, and mountain biking with her son any chance they can. You will also find Stephanie caring for animals on a small family-owned farmstead. Chickens, sheep, goats, and pigs – oh, my!

Pat Cotter

Assistant Store Manager

Pat oversees the front end, facilities, and maintenance teams at our co-op. Before moving to Keene, he lived in Pennsylvania. Outside of his work at the co-op, he co-DJs a music program on community radio. He also collects records and enjoys exploring the great outdoors while cycling, fishing, and hiking.

Pam Croteau

POS/IT Coordinator

Pam lends her technical expertise to help us manage all things IT and more. And if you have a kiddo, chances are Pam has said hello to them while in our store. She serves as president of The Greater Keene Pops Choir and expresses her creative side through a variety of artistic mediums. She also loves singing and gardening.

Ned Braley

Customer Service Manager

Ned works to make sure that everyone who enters our building has a pleasant experience and that they feel like they are part of the community. He endeavors to make someone laugh at least once a day. He enjoys living and working in Keene. Ned's a passionate supporter of local businesses, the arts, and conservation efforts. Also, Ned is a lover of all kinds of physical media, particularly blu rays, board games, and comic books. When not expanding his mind, you'll find him exploring the hiking trails of the Monadnock Region with his wonderful family.

Matt West

Meat & Seafood Manager

Matt’s on a mission to sell the best meat and seafood in the area. His daily focus includes buying and selling quality products, providing excellent customer service, and having fun while doing it. In his free time, Matt volunteers as a soccer coach – and his daughter is on the team! He’s also a big proponent of local business and our Main Street community. He frequently visits many downtown businesses. He loves everything related to football (is that why he loves our co-op’s SOUPer Bowl so much?) and recently took his first flight lesson at the local airport -- we'll see if this new hobby takes off.

Susanne Fortier

Prepared Foods Manager

Sue leads a creative team who share a passion for providing nutritious and delicious food to our community. She has worked in the culinary arts field for over twenty years. When not at the co-op, Sue travels and explores nature with her family.

Allen Raymond

Produce Manager

Allen feels proud to have such a direct impact on our store's leading ends statement goals, supporting farmers and our overall regional food system. Our produce department sources locally grown products from over 30 local farms. Outside of work, Allen is a youth leader for his church and serves on the agricultural commission for the City of Keene. He also sits on the board of directors of Culinary Journeys, a nonprofit that raises funds for a scholarship for students at the Cheshire Career Center's culinary art program. Fun fact, he’s a big fan of motorcycles – so ask him about his Honda Grom and Harley Davidson Sportster 883 Superlow.

Courtney Bogard

Grocery Manager

Courtney has a passion for local food and enthusiasm for merchandising, inventory management, and improving daily operations in our grocery department. When not at work, she can usually be found out on the trails, in her garden, or experimenting with new recipes and exciting ingredients.

Co-Op Karma

Help us recognize employees who are incredible stewards for our co-op by participating in our Co-op Karma Program.

Anytime you notice an employee demonstrating SPIRIT, TEAMWORK, ALL AROUND CUSTOMER SERVICE, or COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT at our co-op, simply complete a short Co-op Karma form (located at each department’s service counter) and drop it into the “Suggestion Box” at the Customer Service Desk — or fill out this form. Each morning, we’ll collect and share completed Co-op Karma forms with recognized employees — so they’ll know that you appreciate them!

What we’re looking for:
SPIRIT: A positive attitude, enthusiasm, and pride in their work; is a positive mentor when training others
TEAMWORK: Cooperates with others, communicates effectively, offers assistance without being asked, and works well with others in and outside of their department
ALL AROUND CUSTOMER SERVICE: Shares product knowledge, responds to all customers in need regardless of department and greets both staff and customers
COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT: Participates in community programs, events, or activities that promote a healthy and sustainable food system, support local farmers and producers, provide education and training about cooperatives, and improve the local economy.

Staff Spotlight

Get to know our staff members a little bit better!