We are proud to carry the goods of over 350 local farmers, growers, brewers, bakers, makers—everything from apples and cheese to salsa and zucchini. Because of our proximity to other states, local for us is considered “110 miles as the crow flies”. Meet our local suppliers.

Archway Farm

Keene, NH

Drive down Arch Street in Keene, and you may recognize Archway Farm right away. The landscape becomes dotted with pig huts and pigs happily doing their thing—rooting, grazing, and rolling in the mud. Mark Florenz started Archway Farm in 2014, bringing this land back to its farming roots.  His heritage pigs grow slower than other breeds, allowing for more marbling, which makes for more flavorful meat. Archway Farm is Animal Welfare Approved (AWA) by A Greener World—the most highly regarded food label when it comes to animal welfare, pasture-based farming, and sustainability. Stop by the Co-op to shop these local farmer’s products!


Big Picture Farm

Townshend, VT

Started in 2010 by Louisa Conrad and Lucas Farrell, Big Picture Farm is a small hillside goat dairy and farmstead confectionery and creamery located in Townshend, Vermont. Their award-winning goat milk caramels and farmstead cheeses are made with fresh, raw, creamy goat’s milk from their herd of 40 healthy and happy, free-ranging companions. An Animal-Welfare-Approved farm, the health & happiness of the animals is the center around which their farm and farm products revolve. Look for their beautifully boxed caramels with whimsical drawings of the goats near our cheese case — a melt-in-your-mouth treat for any occasion!

Boggy Meadow Farm

Walpole, NH

Boggy Meadow Farm is a local farm located in the rich, fertile farmland of the Connecticut River Valley in Walpole, NH. In the same family since 1812, they are strong supporters of land conservation and our local community. Marcus Lovell Smith began making cheese in the mid 1990s, using the 1780 house at the center of the farm. Now with a small team including head cheesemaker, Evan Sabatelli, they produce a series of Alpine cheeses from their raw cow’s milk. A co-op favorite, Boggy Meadow Baby Swiss, is based on a traditional recipe. Their unique cave-aged Fiddlehead Tomme has been developed and refined at the farm. Both are a delicious must-try!

Brookford Farm

Canterbury, NH

Over the past few years Brookford Farm has consistently grown over 35 acres of certified organic vegetables in Canterbury, NH. Rotation can play a huge role in agriculture. Their vegetables move to new fields every year, allowing multiple years between when a crop is planted again in the same location. In the meantime, thousands of animals graze, hay and winter feed bales are made, cover crops are grown, and composted manure is spread. The advantages often lead to much less pest and disease pressures, healthier plants, longer growing windows for certain crops, and less dependence on biochemical sprays. Brookford farm is one the Co-op’s local suppliers!

Dog Days Farm

Fitzwilliam, NH

In 2018, Tracie’s Community Farm, now known as Dog Days Farm, in Fitzwilliam, received one of our Monadnock Food Co-op Farm Fund grant awards to purchase a 6-row seeder in order to increase the efficiency of their seeding process on the farm. Their first seeding, which usually takes 8-10 hours for 18 beds, was completed in just over 4 with the new equipment! This savings of time helps the farm be more productive, grow sales, and provide more delicious food to our community!

Jack Rixey, Farm Owner and Manager of Dog Days Farm, has been with the farm for over 7 years.

“The Farm Fund grant has allowed us to follow through with a project that was once out of reach due to financial constraints and has had a tangible impact on our productivity. We no longer lose an experienced employee for hours each week to seeding”, shared Jack Rixey, Farm Owner.

Frisky Cow Gelato

Keene, NH

After years of working at and being on the board of Stonewall Farm, Linda Rubin began thinking about the dairy operation and wondered if she could build a business using milk from the farm, selling it locally, and donating a portion of the profits to the Farm? “The answer was, YES! I love Stonewall Farm and I love gelato,” said Linda. So, off she went to Carpigiani’s Gelato University in the spring of 2018 and since then I’ve been having a blast! Life is full of joy!” And we’re joyful to see our freezer stocked with this yummy local New Hampshire treat!

Generation Farm

Concord, NH

Everything at Generation Farm is lovingly grown, harvested, and packed by James Stever and Marley Horner, a husband and wife first-generation farming team.  Their local New Hampshire certified organic farm specializes in salad greens.  James became inspired by agriculture in Kyrgyzstan where he lived as a Peace Corps volunteer. He went on to intern at the Stone Barns and Quail Hill in New York before moving to New Hampshire to start his own farm. Here, he met Marley while she was working at the local food co-op in town.  They produce most of their electricity through solar power and heat their barn with a wood pellet burner. Both feel grateful to be a part of the next generation of farmers, establishing more small sustainable farms for the health of our society and the environment. They are another local supplier you can find at the Co-op!


Global Village Foods

Windsor, VT

Damaris grew up in Kenya, where simple fresh ingredients and rich aromatic spices created vibrant traditional dishes. A world away, Mel, from Memphis, cherished Sunday dinners full of bold, soulful Southern fare. The two met in Kenya and settled in Vermont. With a child who had severe food allergies, they realized how challenging it was to find flavorful, nutritious, good food options, so Global Village Foods was created—re-imagined traditional African favorite meals that are allergy-friendly, vegan, gluten-free, and conveniently ready to heat and eat! Ask about Global Village Foods next time you come to the co-op!

Hemingway Farms

Charlestown, NH

Chris and Amy Hemingway purchased their 90-acre Charlestown, NH property in 2002. This land had historically been used for farming for many decades, and both having grown up in the farming industry decided to pursue their farming interests again when the property became available. Since purchasing their local product farm, they’ve expanded many times with six ornamental plant greenhouses where they grow tropical plants, succulents, annuals and bedding plants, herbs, and perennials. They grow several acres of strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries, as well as 20+ acres of vegetables. Nine high tunnel greenhouses help them extend their vegetable production season, namely for tomatoes and greens. They’re especially grateful for their great farm crew, many of which have been with them for years.

Jack’s Crackers

Keene, NH

Jack’s Crackers is the result of a happy accident—Kevin Dremel’s love of cooking, a 2nd place win in a cooking contest, and a trio of cats. The crackers actually started as a “plate” for serving a dish in that cooking competition. Kevin continued to create more “plates” in different and fun flavors that can stand alone as well as complement and support other foods; both literally and figuratively. Jack’s Crackers are hand-crafted using fresh, local ingredients and baked right here in Keene. They are some of the most delicious and unique crackers you’ll ever taste with flavors like “White Wine” and “Buttermilk Bacon”. You definitely can’t eat just one.

Manning Hill Farm

Winchester, NH

Sarah Costa and Sam Canonica, first-generation farmers, bought their 126-acre farm in 2005. They raise grass-fed Dutch Belted dairy cows, a breed known for its naturally homogenized, sweet-flavored, and more easily digestible milk. Manning Hill Farm gently pasteurizes and bottles its milk on-site in reusable glass bottles, a practice that’s good for the environment and helps maintain the flavor of their milk. Best of all, the milk comes straight from the farm to the co-op and you. Enjoy Farm fresh milk from this local supplier!

Maple Nut Kitchen

Swanzey, NH

If you’re a granola lover, you are in for a treat! Vivian Cubilla-Lindblom offers what many say is the best granola they’ve ever tried. Handmade in a dedicated gluten-free facility in Swanzey, her granolas are filled with plump dried fruit and crunchy nuts. (The Paleo Collection flavors are all oat-free.) Each flavor is hand-blended and then lightly baked to seal in the delicious taste. Maple Nut Kitchen was named New Hampshire’s 2019 Woman-Owned Small Business of the Year in Manufacturing by the U.S. Small Business Administration. Stop by the Co-op to shop Maple Nut Kitchen products!