Co-op Holiday Spirit

I recently went to our co-op to pick up the turkey and pie I had ordered for Thanksgiving dinner with my family. It was Wednesday afternoon and the store had been running at full tilt since the previous Saturday.  Despite the business, everyone, staff, and shoppers all, seemed to be relaxed, happy to be there, and brimming with the spirit of the holiday.

I feel so grateful to be a part of the community that is the Monadnock Food Co-op, especially at this time of year. As the President of the Board of Directors, I frequently feel grateful for the other Board members who lend their enthusiasm, their wisdom, and their time to be a part of the leadership for our co-op.  Particularly right now, when we are gathering our resources and energy to launch the expansion of our store.

If you have been following our story over the last two years, you won’t be surprised that we are fully ready to achieve the goal of growing the store by around 6,000 square feet.  Our expansion will allow us to enjoy a wider variety of products, reduced prices with greater volume, and to provide better working conditions for our employees.

At our November Board meeting, we passed a number of resolutions that will empower the General Manager to proceed with the plan for financing, building and equipping the new addition, and making the planned changes to the existing building.

Throughout the two year process, we have done our best to listen to the member-owners so that our co-op will continue to be as accessible, responsive, and important to the entire community as our Ends Statements suggest that we are.

The Monadnock Community Market exists to meet our community’s need for:

1. An accessible, community-owned downtown food market

2. A marketplace that welcomes and connects community

3. A healthy, sustainable food system

4. The support of local farmers and producers

5. Appropriate education and training for the community

6. A strong, sustainable and improving local economy

When the expansion work is done in about a year, I think we will agree that the effort has been worth it, and we have moved the needle on every one of our Ends.

I hope you’ll join us for the groundbreaking planned for Saturday, December 14th, so that we can all celebrate together.