March Board Updates: What Makes a Co-op Different?

Monadnock Food Co-op is independently and collectively owned by its member-owners who live here in our community. Our Co-op was formed by and to serve the needs of our community. Our Co-op business model values open and democratic membership, a healthy and sustainable food system, and support for the local economy.  The commitment to these goals and principles is an important part of our success.

These ideals require a financially sustainable business model, so that our Co-op can thrive. Monetarily, we are a for-profit entity. However, how we manage our revenue is one of the ways Monadnock Food Co-op differs from other businesses. So, what does Monadnock Food Co-op do with its fiscal profit? Our profit is returned to our member-owners in the form of patronage dividends, shared with staff through our staff Gain Share (profit sharing) program and reinvested in our business and community to ensure we thrive into the future.
The Co-op values democracy, openness, fairness, inclusion, and to be of service to our member-owners and the community. These principles guide the decisions made by management and the Board. Our Co-op history shows that if we adhere to these principles and values, we can make a profit that benefits the member-owners, staff, farmers, producers, and community. Isn’t this a great way to run a business?
In Cooperation,
Sue Lefferts
Board of Directors, Monadnock Food Co-op