Savor Our Seasons: Citrus

Candied Grapefruit

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By Liza Drew, RD

Flavorful Fact: The average pound of food in America travels about 1,500 miles from farm to table; think a grapefruit traveling from Miami to Keene.

I hesitate to write about citrus fruits, as they often do travel long distances to reach our fruit baskets. However, their bright flavor and juicy texture are hard to live without, even for the most devout locavores. For my fellow citrus enthusiasts, I offer this advice: buy citrus in season (winter) when at least it is likely to have been grown domestically, and, especially if you plan to use the zest, it is best to buy organic citrus fruits.

If you just can’t stop thinking about fossil fuels while you’re peeling your tangerine, there is another option. Many small citrus fruits do quite well in northern climates when grown in a large pot. I have a calamondin (small tart orange fruit) and a Meyer lemon tree that provide a good amount of fruit. I put them outside in the summer and carry them inside when the weather starts getting chilly. Either way, citrus fruit adds freshness to a winter meal, a little taste of sunshine on a cold dark night.

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