Nominating Committee Updates

Each August, the nominating committee takes on the task of endorsing candidates for board member seats. This final step before elections is the culmination of committee work that began last winter. Interested candidates have willfully and voluntarily reached out to the nominating committee, attended board meetings, joined us for informational sessions, and completed application materials. These individuals embody the cooperative principles of voluntary open membership and democratic member control. They are also keen on creating a strong, sustainable, and improving economy in our region. Principles and ends statements aside, potential candidates know that they can have a positive impact on our Co-op and our community.

If running for a board seat was not in the cards for you this year, there will be another “call for candidates” next spring. In the meantime, your impact as a Member-Owner is felt every time you shop in our store, Round It Up, or participate in any of the NH Eats Local events this month.

Another way to have an impact is to make sure that you vote for a board candidate before our annual meeting in October. In early October, you will receive information on our endorsed candidates and directions on how to cast your ballot. We look forward to seeing you in the store, at our annual meeting, and perhaps on the ballot next fall.