Resolutions & Solutions: Go Gluten-Free

New Year’s Resolution

From Dawn K. –

“Going Gluten-Free!”


Going Gluten-Free takes some detective work.  You need to avoid wheat, barley, and rye in their whole forms, plus products made from these grains — like vegetable proteins, malt flavorings, starches (except cornstarch), and some flavorings and emulsifiers used in processed foods.  But what about what you can eat?  Check out this article to get started and see Welcome to the Table’s list of Gluten-Free recipes.

What are you reading, watching, hearing that motivates you to adopt and maintain a Gluten-Free diet? How are you making this resolution happen? Please share your inspiration with us.


  • Look for our lilac Gluten-Free shelf tags to help you find new products
  • Check out our list of 1,000+ Gluten-Free items available at our co-op and through curbside pick-up
  • On February 11, join Lili Hanft, FNTP for a live cooking class on how to make a delicious chocolate pie that just happens to be free of gluten, dairy, and refined sugar and packed with nutrition.  Register today!