Looking Forward to 2021

The year 2020 brought more and different challenges than any of us ever anticipated. Externally, the pandemic, the presidential election, and racial injustices weighed heavily. Internally, our expansion significantly stretched our internal resources. The final month of 2020 brought even more challenges to our Co-op. I’m grateful that we navigated all of these challenges successfully.

Envisioning our future inspires our work at our Co-op, now more than ever. Someday soon, we see our new cafΓ© full of customers sharing a meal with loved ones, a workshop happening in our new meeting space where participants learn new ways to improve their health, and our amphitheater full of people gathering to enjoy an outdoor event.

We are once again grateful for all that you do to contribute to our shared vision. We look forward to a new year together with an expanded store. We have tentatively planned to celebrate our accomplishments in April 2021. Thank you again for being a part of our work.