Co-op Picks! Send Us Your Favorite

If you have ever aimlessly found yourself scrolling through our website, clicking through different sections you didn’t know were there, finding events we have hosted, or interesting-looking recipes, you may have noticed a section under our News header entitled Staff Picks.

At least once a month, sometimes more, we choose a few new or coveted items on our shelves to review. Sometimes it’s a short and sweet ode to a favorite dessert; sometimes, it resembles a thoughtfully crafted food blog.

We are now looking past our co-op walls to you, our Member-Owners, shoppers, and community members to highlight some of your favorite items. It can be a few simple words or a lengthy chronicle, of your favorite co-op product. If you have difficulty narrowing it down to one (and we wouldn’t blame you), don’t worry, we will take it.

Please submit your staff pick using the form below — you may win a $10 gift card!

Have questions? Please don’t hesitate to email or call us at 603-283-5401.