Staff Picks! July 2018

Truly Spiked & Sparkling—Wild Berry

This is great to drink really cold outdoors on a nice summer day. It’s got a light flavor and doesn’t leave you full. It’s lower in carbs than many beers—only 100 calories & one gram of sugar! And the Truly Blueberry Acai flavor is also to die for!

—Michaela H.



Maplebrook Farm Ricotta Cheese

This local ricotta is so creamy and delicious—just the best ricotta I’ve ever tasted! I love making this tomato ricotta tart: prepare a fresh pastry crust, mix ricotta and mozzarella with a bit of salt, layer fresh tomato slices on top with basil and bake in a 375 oven for 40 minutes or until crust is golden.

—Alyssa M.

Note: If you feel like you want to make the tart dough as well, here are a few more recipes to try: Tomato Basil Tart


Sunja Kimchi—Medium Spicy Cabbage Kimchi

I’m a big fan of kimchi and this Waterbury, VT-made is my favorite brand I’ve tried so far! It’s got just enough heat but doesn’t overpower what I eat with it. My favorite way to consume it is with sausages off the grill with peppers and onions. Or burgers. Or cheese steak subs. Oh, and it’s great on salads too!

—Sully S.