Staff Picks! January 2018

Stoneface Brewing Co.—Full Clip IPA, Limited Release

For IPA lovers, Full Clip (brewed in Newington, NH) is a must try! This small batch IPA begins with a fresh hoppy aroma as soon as you open the can, and the smooth tropical flavors make it delicious to the last drop. Great when it’s cooled to “cellar temp” in the can but even better poured in a glass.

—Kenton B.

Primaterra—Primativo Red Wine

This red wine is essentially the older, cooler cousin of Zinfandel. A truly delicious Italian wine at an affordable price! Bold, spicy flavor with a nice clean finish. Perfect companion to pastas and cheese boards with my other co-op favorite—Jasper Hill Farm Bayley Hazen Blue cheese.

—Laura C.

Citizen Cider—Wit’s Up

The biggest reason why I buy this Vermont-made hard cider over others is Wit’s Up has no added sugar. Lots of ciders I’ve tried are way too sweet. This is a beautifully dry ale-style cider with the perfect amount of bubbles. Just pop the can and drink!

—Mariah B.