Staff Picks! February 2018

Housemade — Chocolate Chip Cannoli Whoopie Pies

These whoopie pies are like none you’ve had before! The unique combination of cannoli cream filling and chocolate chip whoopie pie is really the perfect match up. Try one with an ice cold glass of milk.

—Jess N.


Cara Cara Oranges

I love these—the best, juiciest, sweetest oranges that I have ever had! They are perfect as is. They’d also be awesome put through a juicer. Nice, sweet and packed full of vitamins and nutrition. If you haven’t tried these, you are missing out! After you try one you will never eat another kind of orange again:)

—Ryan R.


Housemade — Smoked Maple Rosemary Steak Tips

These co-op marinated steak tips are delicious and flavorful. Grill them, pan fry or bake — no matter what way you cook them they’re melt-in-your-mouth amazing!

—Nate P.