Hey, Check This Out! February 2018

February is the month of love. So here’s a couple of things in the store that might make your foodie hearts flutter.

Lake Champlain Organic Chocolate Hearts

Little chocolates shaped as hearts always make us smile. Lake Champlain Chocolates are made with skill, patience, and respect for tradition using fair-trade certified chocolate, fresh Vermont cream, and sweet local butter giving this chocolate exceptional flavor. You’ll find bags of 35 individually wrapped hearts with a delectable assortment of Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Dark Chocolate & Cacao Nibs, and Dark Chocolate & Raspberries to share with everyone you love.

Blanc de Bleu Sparkling Wine

The color immediately caught our attention on the wine shelf. Wow—look at that blue! But can wine with the hue of a summer popsicle actually taste good? Well, yes, it can! Blanc de Blue is a sparkling wine that combines effervescent bubbles with a dry, crisp finish and a hint of blueberry. The elegant bottle and the high-quality, premium sparkling wine (from the quiet vineyards of Northern California) along with that wow-factor color makes this a great and unexpected Valentine’s Day gift or dinner drink.

GT’S Enlightened Koffee Kombucha

What happens when two things you love hook up? Cold brew coffee and kombucha may seem like an unexpected couple, but it really works! GT’S #1 ingredient is always love but add the rich scent of coffee as you open the bottle, and your senses are immediately invigorated! And the vanilla and almond extracts warm the soul. GT’S Koffee Kombucha, is a unique caffeinated drink for you early risers or afternoon delighters. Or be creative and make a kombucha ice cream float or after dinner cocktail for your Valentine.