Staff Picks! August 2018

Cool Haus—Birthday Cake Ice cream Sandwich

Do you love your birthday? Do you wish it was every day? Here’s an ice cream sandwich that will make any day feel special! This cool women-owned company is making me scream for ICE CREAM:)

—Brianna B.


Lord Hobo Brewery—Virtuoso IPA

Locally brewed in Woburn, MA, Virtuoso is a really nicely balanced Double IPA—just enough juiciness and just enough bite. Try it with steak tips or BBQ chicken tonight!

—Nate P.


Nuttin Ordinary—Spicy Cashew Cheese

This product is “creamy”— I know, hard to believe from a vegan option with NO dairy. It’s smooth and has a similar texture to hummus, but rich and thick so no runny, messy sandwiches! Vegan or not, you gotta try this!

—Meghan W.