Beth’s Got the Beet

Congratulations to Beth Kosuk — the latest employee to receive the Monadnock Food Co-op’s “Beet Award.”

Beth is someone you can count on to carry projects forward effectively. Her skill set is a critical asset to the co-op, with her graphic design background and creativity. One beautiful example is our Annual Report – what an amazing upgrade over our beginning years!

Her work often goes unnoticed because it’s happening day in and day out – our sales flyers, newsletters, and our social media efforts. She communicates with department managers, buyers, and other staff to learn about new products in the store.

She also has a great sense of humor and rolls with the challenges of our department. We’re so lucky that she chose to come to work at the co-op 3+ years ago.

The “Beet Award” is a quarterly award given to a Co-op staff member who most embodies the spirit of a great co-operator. They display a friendly attitude, help others out without hesitation, and are incredible ambassadors of our Co-op.