Staff Picks! July 2017

Badger Face Cleansing Oil

My face has always been super sensitive. So many things I’ve tried always resulted in breakouts. But since I started using Badger Cleansing Oil my skin has been soft and clear! I just follow the directions on the box. It’s the first product that’s worked! I love that it’s made locally and all the scents we carry smell really nice 🙂

—Natalie T. 

Hilary’s Vegan BurgerAdzuki Bean

Just pan fry these burgers, put them in nice soft Orchard Hill buns with mayo, add a bunch of crunchy vegetables and you’ve got an easy, healthy dinner—perfect for ANYONE! Really! They’re organic, non-GMO, vegan, Kosher, gluten, corn, dairy, egg, soy, and nut-free. The Adzuki Bean has a bit of a kick which is why I like it so much. Try it!! I am not a vegetarian and I love these!

—Haley L.


Soy Boy TofuTofu Lin

This awesome tasting, firm, marinated, tofu can be eaten right out of the package or added to any stir fry! Add it at the beginning if you like it nice and browned or at the end–either way it’s yummy! Great high protein, great flavor right out of the package, great texture, low calorie. I’m a meat eater and just love it!!

—Alli B.