Hey, Check This Out! July 2017

Brookford Farm—Smoked Shades of Blue Cheese

The cheeses from Brookford Farm in Canterbury, NH are co-op favorites—made with milk from their beautiful herd of 100% grass-fed cows. Luke and Catarina have taken their already popular blue cheese to an exciting new place and we now have Smoked Shades of Blue in our cheese case. They’ve teamed with Fox Country Smokehouse, also in Canterbury, and we just love the outcome. It’s a creamy, tangy delicacy; if you’re a blue fan this is a must try. It also makes an amazing addition to a grilled burger. Beyond delicious!

Primal Kitchen—Ranch Dressing

Having a go-to bottled dressing always on hand really does make preparing a salad for dinner easier to pull together after a busy day. The “made with avocado oil” is what attracted us to this bottle at first. But we really love that the ingredient list doesn’t include any hidden sugar. There’s no dairy, no buttermilk, gluten, soy, or canola either. Primal Kitchen was started by a Maine-born former elite endurance athlete, Mark Sisson, who has made eating healthy his life’s work. This dressing not only tastes healthy—it’s rich and full-flavored and one of the best bottled dressings we’ve tried! For more about Mark and his inspiring mission click here!

Vermont Salsa Company—Tomatillo Salsa Verde

From deep in the Vermont Green Mountains comes a salsa verde made with Vermont grown tomatillos! It tastes super bright and fresh with three levels of heat to choose from—mild, medium and hot.

What is a tomatillo exactly? Tomatillos originated in Mexico. A relative of the tomato and member of the nightshade family, the tomatillo [toh-MAH-tee-YO] looks like a small green tomato covered with a green husk. Rich in vitamin C, they’re eaten raw or cooked providing that tart flavor in so many Mexican and Central-American green sauces.

Use this as a traditional dip for tortilla chips, but try serving it alongside eggs, beef, pork, chicken or burgers—any dish that needs a little extra zip!