Hey, Check This Out! June 2019


Thinking of making a turkey sandwich with mayo? Or a potato salad? Need a topping for crab cakes? Try Avonaise! Made with, you guessed it, avocado! This product is free of soy, corn, gluten, cholesterol and GMOs with zero trans fat. It’s got less fat and less calories than most mayonnaises. Avonaise is a great substitute for mayonnaises, sauces, and marinades. Avonaise is vegan, versatile, and very tasty. Get some recipe ideas like Avo-Mediterranean Paleo Tuna Salad here.


Fonio (Digitaria exilis) is a tiny ancient grain grown and celebrated across West Africa for thousands of years. Fonio has been found entombed in Egyptian pyramids! Fonio has different culinary roles depending on where you are in West Africa. To the Dogon people of Mali, it is “the seed of the universe” – the grain at the root of all existence. Malians most often pair it with peanuts to make a traditional staple called Djouka. In most of West Africa, Fonio is served to guests as a sign of honor. In Senegal, it is eaten like rice or couscous. People in Guinea, Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Benin and Togo make starchy Fonio side dishes in the form of polenta or cakes. No matter how you cook it, Fonio offers distinct nutritional benefits over other grains. See how Fonio stacks up against other grains here.

We paired it recently with Moroccan Stew from MamaSezz in our grab & go case and it was a great combination!

DREAM Oat Milk

Dream’s story began in the early 1970s with a man called Robert Nissenbaum. He was a champion of natural foods, organic agriculture, and yoga, so he started up the “Morning Dew Organic Food Market” in St. Louis, Missouri, while still in his 20s. The market was among the first and most modern natural-food stores in America, and became a meeting place for people with sustainable lifestyles. He then went on to open a natural food restaurant and that’s where his experimentation with rice-based drinks and plant-based foods started. For the full story of DREAM read more here.

Now, DREAM OAT DRINK has been added to their non-dairy product line. This oat drink is characterized by its notes of sweetness and is ideal for cooking and baking as well as for breakfast cereals, granola, and lattes. Loaded with daily fiber, but low in fat, it’s got no added sugar and is of course, vegan and dairy-free.