Coronavirus FAQs

Have a question for our co-op related to our COVID-19 Response?

Please check out our Frequently Asked Questions below. Have a new question?   Please contact us.

Do you offer a delivery service or curbside pick-up?

We continue to receive requests for curbside pick-up and delivery of groceries – especially from at-risk or self-isolated individuals. We’re discussing how we might successfully implement these programs. Currently, much of our staff time goes to keeping our shelves as stocked as possible. If we pivot to provide this service, will other services falter as a result? We will continue our discussions on these two topics.

In the meantime, we’d like to promote efforts led by other organizations to meet emerging needs. The Keene Young Professional Network (Keene YPN) launched a new delivery service for at-risk individuals. If you need or know of people who need supplies due to self-isolation or medical quarantine, please check out the Keene YPN COVID-19 Response Team Program. If you have any further questions, please contact Keene YPN’s special helpline at

When is a quieter time to shop at the co-op?

For those looking to shop at less busy times at our co-op (but don’t qualify for our hours for at-risk shoppers), we currently recommend shopping in the evening. You can also check Google’s Popular Times graph (see the right side of the page and scroll down a bit). It aggregates anonymous data and shows live updates on how busy the store is.

Can we bring our reusable bags and containers from home?

Until further notice, we no longer allow customers to bring into the store and use reusable bags or containers in the bulk aisle, beverage bar or produce department.  You may still bring clean reusable containers to fill with water at our reverse osmosis machine.

Paper bags and cardboard boxes are still available at our co-op to pack groceries. Please do not bring your paper bags or cardboard boxes from home.

How are you keeping your staff safe?

Many of you have expressed appreciation and concern for our staff, thank you. We are equally grateful for all the work they do, and we continue to work to improve their safety during this crisis. To show our appreciation, we will provide temporary additional compensation to all of our employees. Please join me in thanking our staff for the critical role they play in keeping our community healthy and fed.

We are implementing recommendations from the CDC and other experts to keep our staff and customers as safe as possible. We certainly hope the community will help our staff feel safer by not shopping when they are ill, to respect the 6 foot recommended distance, and to be kind when we are not able to provide the products they are looking for.

Here are some of the things we’ve adopted to help our staff (and customers) in these times:

  • Staff who are not well or are not comfortable working in the store are able to take time off without fear of losing their job, and we have increased their PTO to make this happen
  • We have allowed the staff who are able to work from home to do so
  • We have expanded our cleaning schedule and are hiring temporary staff to help
  • We have closed the café but have set aside seating for staff
  • We have created signage to remind customers to respect social distancing
  • We provide gloves to all staff, and while masks are not currently available for us to purchase, we do allow the staff who have some of their own to wear them (some staff have even made some for other staff)
  • Reusable containers like coffee mugs are no longer accepted to restrict the risk of contamination
  • We replaced self-serve coffee with full-service coffee
  • We shut down our self-serve hot bar and salad bar and replaced these services with more grab ‘n go items
  • We are upholding the Governor’s requirement that reusable bags not be used
  • The Front end is working to have every other register open to allow for more space between customers.  We are working to install health shields to provide added protection for cashiers.
What happened to pre-ordering?

Since some of our distributors placed temporary ordering limits on their products, we needed to pause our pre-order system. Manufacturers are working to replenish their product inventories as quickly as possible. We will keep you posted on the status of our pre-order system.