Ryan’s Got The Beet

Congratulations to our latest Beet Award recipient, Ryan Rouleau!

Ryan has been with our co-op for over two years. Since joining the Meat & Seafood Department, Ryan’s product knowledge and enthusiasm is on display every day as he interacts with his customers. Need an impressive roast for a big dinner you’re having? Ryan knows exactly what you need, how much you’ll need, special tips for preparing it, and what else in the store might go great with it!

Ryan is a real ambassador for our co-op and the collaborative vibe of our culture. He’s helped recruit at least two other employees. He’s full of insights and can often be found in the buyers’ office pitching ideas to management or other departments for ways to work together.

When he’s not at the store, Ryan loves to hunt and cruise around on his motorcycle — just not at the same time! Congratulations, Ryan!