Hey, Check This Out! February 2017

Vermont Artisan Coffee & Tea Co.

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These organic and fair trade coffee beans are roasted in small batches every day in Waterbury, VT. The Artisan Dark roast is rich and velvety, perfect for a nice big morning latte. Of course their coffee isn’t grown here, but Vermont Artisan Coffee lives the sustainable “Local First” life —purchasing all their other needs as close to home as possible, gifting all compostable materials to local farmers and supporting the local community however they can. In addition to Artisan Dark, we also have Sumatra Dark, Catamount Blend, and Ethiopian in the coffee aisle right now.

New February Products

lēf Farms

lēf Farms was started to put al ittle fresh thinking behind how New England gets its produce. Imagine lettuce on your plate within 24 hours of harvest in the middle of winter! This local, Loudon, NH farm is 100% hydroponic and the lettuce is simply delicious. Try all three:

SMOOTH: The name says it all. A buttery blend of crisp, sweet, and tender baby greens for salad connoisseurs who prefer to let the toppings or dressing bring the zest.

SPICE: A zesty blend of Arugula, Mustard, Cressida, Mizuna and Leaf Lettuce. Perfect for adding a little complexity to your salads and wraps.

BALANCE: A blend of red and green kale. Packed with tons of antioxidants and iron, this mix of red and green Kale offers a great blend of slightly sweet and delicate. We’ve been using them in everything from salads to smoothies.

King Soba Buckwheat Noodles

Despite its name, buckwheat is not wheat but a seed. It’s free from gluten and as King Soba says, “it offers you more goodness per bite than other noodles”. The real upshot is that you don’t need to eat a mountain of these noodles to feel satisfied. We’ve got two kinds of these organic, wheat-free, gluten-free, non-GMO noodles: 100% Buckwheat and Sweet Potato & Buckwheat. Follow them at: instagram.com/kingsobanoodleculture if you have some time to drool over amazing noodle dishes:)