Co-ops as Servant Leaders

“The membership of the co-operative is the place where social and economic functions come together… Applying the principles of servant leadership, we see that in the cooperative we serve one another, and in doing so the cooperative serves the community.”—Thane Joyal, CDS Consulting Co-op

Do you as a Member Owner/shopper enjoy the experience of walking into a welcoming store environment? Do you enjoy doing your shopping knowing that many of the products are locally produced, many organic and free of GMO ingredients? I know that I do! I want to recognize our General Manager, Michael Faber, for building a team that is working together to continually improve the store and support our local growers and producers!

Our co-op has become a vital contributor to the growth of local farmers and producers, and that is thanks to each of you for choosing these products when you shop at our co-op. Our everyday choices make a difference, and with these choices we can lead the way in building a more sustainable future built on cooperative values.

We want to maximize our impact in our community.  This will be one of the many topics at our upcoming Annual Retreat on April 1, as your board, Michael and other staff come together to look at the exciting road ahead of us and find ways to serve each other.