Coronavirus Update: Shopper Safety and Serving Community

We thank you for your continued support for our co-op. Like you, we’re attempting to adapt rapidly to our ever-changing situation.

Our crisis communication process helps us work through challenges as they come up daily. Our co-op’s leadership team meets every morning. We discuss our latest responses to the virus, share the newest staff and shopper feedback and concerns, and discuss our plans for the future. We summarize decisions and share them through our staff and shopper communications, which go out weekly (at least). We appreciate everyone’s feedback – it helps us implement new policies and best practices to keep our staff and shoppers safe.


Sanitation Station Near Front Entrance
To further promote your safety in our co-op, we added a new sanitizing station with hand wipes and gloves near the entrance to the produce department. As a reminder, we continue our regular sanitizing of high-frequency touchpoints throughout our store.

Monitoring Customer Traffic
We continue to monitor hourly customer traffic in our store to ensure levels are safe. We have reviewed our traffic trends and compared them to recommendations from the New Hampshire Grocers Association. Our customer counts fall well below the limits identified. Also, we have discussed this with the Keene Health Department. So, for now, we have decided not to limit shoppers but will continue to monitor customer traffic for changes.

Directional Arrows
We will add directional arrows to our aisles to encourage customers to shop in one direction and improve social distancing. The ends of the aisles will remain two-directional. Please look for the arrow decals on the floor starting next week.

Staff Required to Wear Masks
In response to shoppers expressing concern about their safety, we now require all co-op employees to wear a face mask or shield when on the retail floor or preparing food. All of our staff received reusable cloth masks, and we are working to secure more for them. Some staff have health reasons for not wearing masks, so we have provided them with face shields.

Shoppers Recommended to Wear Masks
The CDC now recommends non-infected people wear cloth face coverings while in public settings where social distancing is challenging to maintain. In alignment with this updated policy, we recommend that each shopper wear a face covering when inside our co-op. Coverings include a scarf, bandana, mask, or other facial barriers. The cloth face coverings recommended are not surgical masks or N-95 respirators. Please see the recommended best practices for wearing face coverings.


Curbside Pick-Up Pilot
We successfully launched our Curbside Pick-Up Pilot Program last week, specifically for seniors and at-risk shoppers. If you qualify for this program and are interested in learning more, please fill out this short form. Moving from a pilot to a fully public program will take time, so we appreciate your patience.

Great Grey T-Shirt Project
Our co-op is thrilled to join this locally based Great Grey Tee Project. Each shirt costs $19. The Monadnock Food Co-op will donate all proceeds from the sales of our t-shirts to the Monadnock United Way COVID-19 Relief Fund. Proceeds amount to $10 per shirt sold.

Purchase a Co-op Great Grey Tee

Round It Up Continues
We continue to Round It Up at the register to support Monadnock United Way’s COVID-19 Relief Fund. As of this Monday, shoppers have contributed over $2,800 to the fund. Thank you! This drive continues through April 30.

Please reach out to me with your questions and suggestions at 603-283-5400 or [email protected].

Cooperatively yours,
Michael Faber
Monadnock Food Co-op