Celebrate Independents Month in July!

Independents Month celebrates the vibrant contributions of our locally owned and independent businesses, embodying the core values of our community:

– Embracing the entrepreneurial spirit, fostering individuality, and showcasing their distinctive character.
– Dedicating their time, talents, goods, and services to giving back to our community.
– Meeting community needs in ways that enhance our well-being and prosperity.

Multiplier Effect

During Independents Month, a pivotal component of AMIBA’s Choose Indie Local initiative, we have an ideal opportunity to spotlight the Local Multiplier Effect. Together, we can motivate our communities to take affirmative steps and amplify the positive chain reactions that our neighborhoods, towns, and cities experience when we prioritize spending our money at locally owned, independent businesses.

It Starts With You

Independents Month invites us to pause and contemplate our capacity to think and act independently, empowering us to embrace our role in shaping the future of our community. Let us Choose Indie Local and amplify the multiplier effect within our region. Additionally, let’s dedicate a moment to recognizing the independent business owners we are acquainted with and appreciating their contributions.

Take the Indie Challenge

Participating in the Indie Challenge is another fantastic way to commemorate Independents Month. Commit to exclusively supporting locally owned businesses for a day, a week, or even the entire month. Join the Indie Challenge today by signing up!

If you find yourself traveling during Independents Month, make the most of your experience by indulging in the offerings of locally owned and independent businesses in the places you visit. Seek local recommendations to discover their favorite spots, and watch for independent business alliances in the areas you explore.

The History of Independents Week

In 2001, Carla Jimenez, co-owner of Inkwood Books and co-founder of the Tampa Independent Business Alliance, established the inaugural Independents Week. By 2005, AMIBA began promoting this campaign nationally, offering resources to support communities in organizing their own celebrations of Independents Week.

This July, let’s celebrate our independence and our independents together.ย