January 2020 Cave to Co-op: Beatrix Brie Buttons from Blythedale Farm, Corinth, Vermont

Our Cave to Co-op for January 2020 is a petit brie cheese from Blythedale Farm in Corinth, Vermont.

Blythedale’s Brie Button is a diminutive 2-ounce creamy mouthful of cheese, made with the milk of Bythedale’s happy cows. It is the perfect size for one serving, a few bites perhaps at most! Delicious on its own as part of a cheese plate or on a salad or paired with ripe fruit or some seasonal chutney.

For over 100 years, the old barn at Blythedale Farm has been a focal point of the village of Cookeville, Vermont. The farm protects a viable piece of Vermont’s rural character and agricultural industry by sitting at the heart of Cookeville village amidst historic buildings. In 2004, Becky and Tom Loftus purchased the property after seeing an ad that read “Milk a few cows and make money making cheese. Corinth, Vermont”. Today the 750-acre farm and much newer barn house the 60 or so Jersey cattle in their herd. These cows supply all of the milk for Blythedale Farm’s Cheeses: Vermont Brie, Camembert Vermont, Green Mountain Gruyere, Cookeville Grana, Jersey Blue, and their newest, a Brie Button with the drawing of beautiful Beatrix on the label. All the cows who live at Blythedale Farm have a good home. They are cared for with love and respect and live in a clean, comfortable stable, with year-round outdoor access. Their stress-free lives create milk with delicious flavor.

All of Blythedale Farm’s Cheeses are free from added animal enzymes and are made with microbial rennet. Beatrix Brie Buttons are made with slow pasteurized, Jersey cow milk aged two weeks and have a delicious, edible, bloomy rind.


Enjoy Blythedale Brie with many types of fruits, especially apples & pears, grapes & berries, even citrus, which provides a memorable contrast to the smooth buttery flavor of the brie. Serve on a fine cracker that doesn’t overwhelm the delicate taste of the brie. Offer with any fine white wine; chardonnay is a good choice. Also apple or pear juice or fruit spritzer.

When serving brie, allow it to warm to room temp and cut the wheel in wedges. Never remove the rind as that’s the best part! When cutting, the brie may spill over the edge—this is normal. Enjoy!


Serve baked with a sweet or nuts:
Unwrap the full brie round and place it on a baking sheet covered with parchment paper. Drizzle honey or spoon jam/marmalade over the top. Add a few pecan slices or other nuts if desired. Bake in 350° oven for 6-8 minutes or until the cheese begins to ooze but not melt.