Resolutions & Solutions: Diets

New Year’s Resolution

From Stephanie P. –

To continue on the Keto diet that I started before Christmas and having success!


Following a special diet helps you break from your unhealthy eating habits.  One study showed that no matter the diet followed by participants (as long as it was heart-healthy), it resulted in weight loss.  The diet helps you adopt healthier habits.


When you shop:

  • Does your new diet call for buying items you’ve never tried before?  If they’re ready-to-eat items, ask a co-op staff member for a sample of the product to see if you like it or not.
  • Shop during one of our Delightfully Healthy Sample Days — we offer free samples of healthy meal solutions, along with the recipe (so you can make sure the dish fits with your diet).
  • Bring a friend, who is also on the same diet as you, so you can help each other make choices in-line with your resolution.
  • Have other solution ideas?  Share them with us!