Staff Picks! Winter 2024

CO-OP-MADE Parsnip Bacon Soup

“I decided to try this soup after a customer told me we had “knocked it out of the park” with this recipe. I agree!! It’s a comforting combination of nutty, creamy, and slightly sweet plus parsnips are a great source of fiber, vitamin C, vitamin K, and folate. Good and good for you!”

— Betsi M




MIKE’S Hot Honey

“Mike’s Hot Honey is a unique and surprisingly versatile condiment! It’s fun coming up with different ways to use it. Try it as a wing sauce, in a marinade, or with cornbread. But my favorite combination (so far) is drizzling it over pizza.”

— Sarah F





CO-OP-MADE Boss Smoothie

“Our freshly made BOSS smoothie is the best smoothie we make! I recommend oat milk for an extra creamy, dairy-free smoothie. The sweet strawberries and orange juice give you a nice boost of Vitamin C — a perfect smoothie to start your day!”

— Sophie K





CO-OP-MADE Maple-Glazed Smoked Salmon

“A lovely combination of sweet and smokey in every bite! It is delicious to have alongside a green salad or rice.”

— Noel T