Staff Picks! July 2022

HOUSEMADE — Mexican Chocolate Cake

“Our bakers always make delectable deserts, but this one takes the cake for me. (Pun intended.) Perfectly rich with a slight kick of cinnamon and cayenne!”

— Megan LH





SIGGI’S — Lemon Icelandic-style Yogurt

“This is hands-down my favorite yogurt of all time. It’s super creamy and not too sweet. I love the lemon flavor on its own but you could spruce it up with granola or fruits and nuts. Siggi’s website also has lots of recipe ideas!”

— Sarah F






“Since using Tick Ban this past year on my dog’s legs (it’s made with essential oils and very pet-friendly), I have not seen a single tick on the dogs or in the house. Love it!! And it smells nice too — a big bonus!”

— Connie M