Staff Picks! Feb/Mar 2019

CO-OP Deli Snack Packs

I love the convenience of our organic snack packs! The Peanut Butter or Tuna options have the perfect portions for lunch. I’m always satisfied with the mix of fruit or veggies & crackers! If you get the tuna snack pack with veggies, I recommend adding a bit of our Buttermilk Ranch dressing from the salad bar—perfect for dipping!

—Kerry K.


FROM THE GROUND UP Cauliflower Cheddar Crackers

Have you ever tried cauliflower mac & cheese and been wonderfully surprised by how good it is? Well, think of this as a mac & cheese cracker. Unique, super tasty, addictive — but guilt free! There are a lot of cheesy chips and crackers out there but it really is the cauliflower that makes these so special.

—Jazmin H.


VOODOO RANGER Liquid Paradise

A great beer that makes anytime feel like island time. I recommend drinking this while on the beach, or in the snow, or on a day you’re tired of the snow and want to feel like you’re on the beach! The cans are super cool too and you can put them together to make one chill skeleton.

—James H.


BULK/NEW ENGLAND BAKERS Maple Almond Date Granola

This granola is so yummy and not expensive at all! It’s the best no-sugar-added granola out there which is good for a low glycemic diet. I recommend pairing it with Siggi’s yogurt!

—Hana B.