Hey, Check This Out! March 2019

SAVORY WILD Portabella Jerky

You do not have to be eating a plant-based diet to love this new jerky. It is bursting with umami flavor! Savory Wild starts with their hand-picked family-farmed portabella mushroom from Pennsylvania. Then they’re sliced and marinated in small batches over several hours and presto! The Roasted Garlic & Black Pepper is mouthwatering. The Sesame, Ginger & Korean Chili has a savory, sweet, spicy and slightly smoky kick. Your taste buds are in for a real treat!

JILZ Gluten-Free & Grain-Free Crackers—Mediterranean Herb

COMING SOON! If you are vegan or living low-carb, your quest for a cracker with the perfect balance of flavor, crisp and crunch should now be over. Jilz crackers are made in a dedicated gluten-free facility but they are truly a product that everyone should try. They simply taste great! We really love the Mediterranean Herb variety with a delicious blend of organic herbs, garlic, lavender(!) and Mediterranean Sea salt.

RUFUS TEAGUE—Honey Sweet BBQ Sauce

This award-winning Kansas BBQ sauce is thick and rich with plenty of real honey sweetness. This was Rufus’s first sauce and an all-time favorite with everyone who tries it. Rufus says it’s “great for grillin’, dippin’ and drinkin’ straight out of the bottle.” Well, hmm, we haven’t swigged it out of the bottle (yet) but it made an amazing glaze for grilled salmon recently. There are two other flavors to check out — Touch o’ Heat and Whiskey Maple. And they are all non-GMO project verified, gluten-free and kosher.

And one more…
HEALTH GARDEN Monk Fruit Sweetener

This naturally sweet product is extracted from the exotic monk fruit, used for centuries by the ancient Chinese for medicinal and sweetening purposes. Its no-calorie, non-glycemic content makes it safe for diabetics, allergy sufferers and those on weight loss programs. You’ll find it in the bulk aisle near the other sugars/sweeteners.