Staff Picks! August 2019

Terra Nova—Bulk Organic Mexican Coffee Beans

Terra Nova’s beans are ethically sourced from organic farms, then lightly roasted to perfection (just down the street from us in Keene!) bringing out the nutty & fruity flavors. I grind the beans on medium & brew in my automatic pour over machine—an exceptional way to start the day.

—Pat C.


Tracie’s Community Farm Greens

I used to work at Tracie’s Farm so know how much work (and love & care) goes into every crop grown. Farmer Jack and his crew use sustainable farming methods to ensure both soil and community health. I love creating huge salads with everything we have on hand from Tracie’s—I get my much needed dose of veggies and feel really good knowing my purchases go to support such a fantastic local farm!

—Jen R.

Ben’s Sugar Shack—Maple Kettlecorn

There is nothing that compares with Ben’s Sugar Shack Maple Kettlecorn. Pair this perfect snack with movie night at home. It’s lightly coated with maple goodness tapped from trees right in our own Monadnock backyard!

—Stephanie W.



Sweet Cow Yogurt

Locally made in West Newbury, VT! Boldly rich, creamy, mildly sweet & tangy yogurt. All their flavors are great but try “Juneberry” made with their home-grown fruit.

—Nate P.