Staff Spotlight: Nate Page

If you follow us on Facebook or Instagram, you have definitely seen Nate! He is always ready for a photo whether it be a new product he just brought in or sharing some of his favorites. You have probably even talked with Nate while shopping, he is always ready to help folks with questions.

Nate and I sat down to talk about his experience at the co-op so far.

The Basics:

Department: Perishables and Frozen Buyer

Years at our Co-op: About a year and 3 months, I started in October 2017.

Special Skill / Hidden Talent: I use to race motocross competitively, I ranked nationally in 2011 and 2012.  I use to travel around the country for races. It was a lot of fun. My brother and I actually had a chance to race at Qualcomm Stadium in California before it was knocked down.

Favorite Product: Currently, it’s Tribucha’s canned Kombucha.

Favorite Co-op Event: I really like our Staff Holiday Parties. It gives me an opportunity to relax and mingle with all the staff, and I don’t normally have the time to do that.

Digger Deeper:

What do you love about our co-op: When you come in here, almost everyone is overtly friendly and genuinely concerned about your wellbeing. Just the atmosphere itself feels very relaxed.

What excites you most about the upcoming expansion: At least for me, being able to carry more products will be awesome. I can bring in products that I can’t currently carry due to lack of space. It will be nice to have two doors just for kombucha; we will have so many more varieties.

How long do you think you could stay in the freezer: With a jacket, I think I could last a few hours… at my previous job, I use to be in the freezer for 3 or more hours at a time. I think if I could fabricate fire somehow, I could last in there for a couple of days.

The Fun Stuff:

Which animal would make the best president if the animal kingdom ever rises up and takes over? I think maybe an Ape of Gorilla? They sort of have that authoritarian look to them. Kind of a tough look that would help them rule with authority.

What do you like to do on your days off? I like to ride bikes when the weather is right. My dad has a few different bikes that I ride during the summer. I also like to relax and play video games, right now Total War is my favorite.

Would you rather fight one horse-sized duck or 100 duck-sized horses? One horse-sized duck. I think it would just be easier to manage 1 large creature rather than 100 small ones.

Fun Fact: I use to ride a lot more than I do now, but with time constraints and weather challenges, it’s difficult to find the time. In general, I’m a pretty quiet person. I like to head home after work and relax while playing video games.