Citrus, Part Two: Orange You Glad We Have So Much To Say About Citrus?

I just want to start by saying I appreciate every one of our customers who has taken an interest in our specialty citrus selection in the Produce department. My hope is to encourage our customers to try something new, and watching the look on our customers’ faces when I give them a sample of our finger limes, or answering the question “What is a Buddha’s Hand Lemon?” (No. 2) have been highlights of the season for me!
I said in my last blog that I would share some research on the many health benefits that citrus fruit can bring to your diet. As promised, here they are:


  • Know Your Citrus Chart: 1. Pumelo 2. Buddha’s Hand Lemon 3. Makrut Lime 4. Kumquat 5. Algerian Mandarin 6. Key Lime 7. Pink Lemon 8. Cara Cara Orange 9. Blood Orange 10. Mango Orange 11. Navel Orange

    Citrus fruits can aid in weight loss, diabetes prevention and cholesterol management. Citrus fruits are high in dietary fiber, which counteracts hunger and takes a while to digest, helping you feel full for longer thank other sweet treats while also lowering your cholesterol! Citrus fruits are also low in calories and contain no fat, making them an excellent choice for a snack, or for adding a pop of flavor to a recipe whether you’re using the whole fruit or just the fresh-squeezed juice. Most oranges and grapefruits, as well as lemons and limes, score low on the glycemic index (unless consumed as juice), meaning their natural sugars will not cause big spikes in blood sugar levels. All contain antioxidants and flavonoids that fight free radicals, but if you don’t peel of every part of the pith, you also benefit specifically from nobiletin, a flavonoid which has been shown to lower cholesterol (and support bone health).


  • Citrus fruits, particularly lemons and oranges, have been shown to inhibit tumor growth in cancer patients, mainly thanks again to nobiletin and vitamin c.
  • All citrus aids in improved vision. Most citrus fruits contain enough vitamin C to account for 90- 100% of needed daily intake for improved vision after eating just one fruit.
  • They improve elasticity of the skin by aiding the generation of collagen. If you ask me, I’d rather eat a tangerine (or two) per day rather than buy expensive face creams and serums! Citrus also has an astringent effect when the juices and oils are applied directly to the skin, and are often used as a natural remedy to acne.
  • Additionally, the essential oils of citrus fruits have stress relieving properties. Some specific examples used in aromatherapy include grapefruit to counteract memory loss and depression, lemon to improve cognitive performance, and mandarin oranges to battle nausea and stress. It sounds like we all need to be eating more citrus fruits! But too much of anything can definitely get boring after a while, which is why I’m writing to tell you to keep an eye out for some of the unique varieties that we will be bringing in throughout the season, and the great prices that will come with them!