Wishing You Good Health

Greetings to our Member-Owners from the Board of Directors,

We hope everyone is adjusting to the Coronavirus way of life. With the economic constraints facing many and the challenges of stay-at-home orders, we are proud that our community heroes include the dedicated staff and managers at our co-op. We are grateful beyond words for their sacrifices and their efforts to make sure that our community-owned, downtown grocery store stays open and is safe for all who work and shop there.

As circumstances have changed our shopping habits (from twice a day to every two weeks!), we are grateful for the Member-Owners and others in the community who are choosing to continue to shop with us. We are grateful for your patience as we work together to improve what we are doing. Despite masks covering our faces, there are the smiling eyes of our friends and neighbors greeting each other as they carefully wend their way through the aisles. The “community” that is our coop is not in any way diminished by the physical changes that make our environment safer.

When was there ever a better time to express our gratitude to our local farmers and producers? When was there a better time to appreciate local meats, eggs, and dairy products when there are so many concerns about supplies and production safety? Soon those farms will begin sending us the freshest vegetables and fruits.

The Board of Directors continues to do our job on behalf of the owners, albeit remotely. We are recruiting owners to run in the Board Election in the fall and discussing how to convene our annual meeting in a meaningful but perhaps very different way. Please stay in touch through our newsletter and website, remember to wash your hands and keep those you love close to your heart even though they may be out of your sight.

Wishing you all good health,
The members of the Board of Directors