Healthy Living Workshops to Keep Your Resolutions Strong!

We’ve got some great upcoming workshops that I want to make sure you don’t miss out on!  These are the next installments in our Spring Series all about healthy eating and living – keep those New Year’s Resolutions going!

On February 22, from 6 – 7:30pm, Dr. Rich, Founder and Director of the Cheshire Wellness Center, will be joining us to teach participants how spinal health directly correlates with overall health and well-being.  The class will describe how interference in the nervous system through stressors is one of the first places to look when one is experiencing a multitude of symptoms; from digestive problems to anxiety to pain and even heart trouble.  Dr. Rich will offer drug free solutions for reclaiming and managing your health. The workshop is free, but will fill quickly and pre-registration is required.  Register here.

On March 8, from 6pm – 7:30pm, Celeste Longacre, author of Celeste’s Garden Delights, will be teaching a workshop on fermentation, focusing on how to make kvass and fermented condiments.  These are quick to prepare at home; a fruit kvass can be put together in under three minutes.  In addition to being quick, these foods are inexpensive, yet they provide your body with tremendous immune system support!  Celeste will highlight how important probiotics and other microorganisms found in fermented foods are necessary for the health of our gut biome.  This workshop is also free and will fill quickly!  Pre-registration is required, sign up here!

We’ve got so much in the works for you, too!  We’re planning a plant-based nutrition workshop and cooking demo for late March.  In April, we’re planning a workshop regarding whole food combination feeding for your pets, and an annual favorite, How to Grow a Totally Organic Garden (also with Celeste!).  These courses will be up on our website for registration in a month or so, so keep an eye on our Events Calendar!

What other workshops would you like to see?  Who are your favorite instructors in the area? Please let me know!  Send your thoughts to [email protected].