Annual Meeting & Celebration

By now, all Member-Owners have received the 2015 Annual Report and Annual Meeting Invitation by mail.  The report contains the ballot to vote for new board members and to accept or reject the proposed changes to our current By-laws.  Please vote and mail or drop off your ballot at the store.   Your participation is critical to the success of our cooperative!

This year’s Annual Meeting coincides with Food Day, a national event to inspire Americans to eat a healthier diet and support more sustainable food systems. What better way to celebrate Food Day than by attending the Annual Meeting titled: Making LOCAL Happen! Come and eat delicious healthy food and learn how the Co-op is supporting our local farm community.  Amanda Littleton, the Cheshire County Conservation District Manager, will highlight the recent triumphs of agriculture and food production in our region, as well as the challenges we still need to work on.

Would you like to volunteer at the meeting?  We need help with set up, clean up and serving of the food.  Interested? Email at [email protected].

Parking is limited at the library, so please consider car pooling with your friends and neighbors.