Hey, Check This Out! November 2021



Zohar, YALLA’S Israeli-born owner, grew up in a Greek-Yemeni household as a new type of Israeli fusion food was emerging. He grew up with a mother who was constantly planning the next meal and collecting recipes from neighbors, bringing their family of six together over food.

Zohar continues to do that with his restaurant in Brattleboro. YALLA means COME ON, existing to bridge communities and culture by way of the love and connection remembered from meals. We’re excited that his hummus has made its way over to Keene!

What distinguishes YALLA HUMMUS from the rest? No garlic! Zohar says, “We find garlic to overpower the taste so removed it completely.” His favorite tahini and the addition of navy beans give this hummus all the texture and flavor you need. Dig in and enjoy!

PEAR’S SNACKS Maple Bacon Cashews

If you like big, bold flavors these award-winning flavored cashews are for you. There are a number of varieties on the shelves and we started sampling with PLANT-BASED Maple Bacon. Oh, wow! Buttery-tasting cashews combined with fabulous maple and smoky bacon flavors create an exceptionally tasty treat 🥓🥞🍁

TOTEM VOS Collagen Chews

TotumVos Collagen Chews were created by a local mom for her 75-yr-old mom who was suffering from pain and fractures. They’re crafted with multiple types of collagen—marine, chicken, and beef—because multiple types address different needs within the body. The chews are soft to accommodate older teeth issues and they’ve got a considerable shelf life so you can take them anywhere.

There are three flavors to choose from with slightly different benefits:

The strong flavor of Italian Volcanic Lemon Juice allowed them to fold in a supplemental level of the potent anti-inflammatory organic turmeric into this chew. MCT and cocoa butter in the chew make the most potent components of turmeric more useable by the body.

Uncaffeinated chai concentrate provides the warming spice base into which a supplemental level of our organic beet powder is incorporated. Beets improve blood flow, lower blood pressure, and improve oxygen uptake for several hours after they are ingested.

Organic, low-acid cold brew is the base of the mocha chew. Each chew contains the equivalent of two tablespoons worth of coffee. The organic cacao powder also contributes a bit of caffeine but—far more importantly—a whopping 40 times the antioxidants found in blueberries, along with calcium and magnesium.