Hey, Check This Out! May 2018

Archway Farm Specialty Salamis

If you’re a charcuterie fan and want to add more local deliciousness to your cheese boards and summer appetizers, you will love the latest products from Mark Florenz. Three Italian salamis from his Keene-bred heritage breeds known for their flavor:

A Cacciatorini which originated from the northern hills of Italy. Cacciatorini means “hunter’ and this salami was traditionally carried by Italian hunters in their backpacks.

A Finocchiona, from Tuscany and named for its main flavor component, fennel (shown above).

And a Sweet Soppressata, a dry-cured salami with a rich, traditional flavor.

A little wine, a little salami, a warm breeze and you will be transported.

Potlicker India Pale Ale Jelly

Yes, that’s right, beer jelly. Here’s another locally-made product that will turn your cheese board into a “wow!” appetizer. Pair Potlicker India Pale Ale Jelly with cheddars, gorgonzolas, salamis (see above!), and pretzels. This unique jelly lends itself well to the salty, fatty, stinky, and tangy.

Get creative with this jelly—whisk some along with a bit of mustard into your homemade vinaigrette. Or add to caramelized onions for an amazing addition to a burger.

You’ll find India Pale Ale Jelly (plus other flavors) with all the jams and jellies in the bread aisle because even strange jelly loves toast. Grill up a fat slice of rye bread, spread on some salted butter, and slather with India Pale Ale Jelly. It is absolutely acceptable to eat beer jelly for breakfast.

Suja FUEL: Carrot, Orange, Apple, Pineapple, Lemon & Turmeric Juice

We love the combination of this southern California-made organic cold-pressed juice. The huge flavor instantly makes you feel great. Actually named “fuel,” this light, refreshing orange and pineapple blend does put a pep in your step.

Suja, meaning “long, beautiful life,” promises to deliver conscious nutrition in every bottle.

The cold-pressed process, also known as High Pressure Processing (Hpp), maintains all the essential vitamins, minerals & enzymes from each ingredient. Fuel has no added sweeteners and is vegan, Kosher certified, dairy-free, soy-free, and gluten-free. Because there are no additives, natural separation in the juice occurs so just shake and enjoy! And, please, recycle.