Hey, Check This Out! August 2018

Chedz Cheese Snacks

If you’ve ever encountered the classic delectable snacks called Cheese Straws during travels in our southern states, you’ll be thrilled to find Chedz on the co-op cracker shelves. This version comes by way of Portland (check out the full story here about how Chedz came to be) and they’re as flavorful, cheesy, crunchy, and delicious as can be. Enjoy Chedz straight from the bag, or serve them with salads or soups, add them to your cheese board, or snack on them with a cold beer. Chedz can also be used for cooking as a delicious, low carb alternative to bread crumbs in recipes.

Blue Diamond Crafted Gourmet Almonds—Pink Himalayan Salt

For a little added elegance, we suggest adding Pink Himalayan Salted Almonds to your next cocktail party cheese tray. These irresistibly crunchy almonds are roasted and seasoned perfectly to pair with your most impressive spread of local cheeses and artisanal honey and jams. We’ve been snacking on the other two delicious flavors as well—Rosemary & Sea Salt and Garlic, Herb & Olive Oil. They are all great! Also, keep an eye out for their Black Truffle Almonds coming this fall!

Hippeas—Organic Chickpea Snacks

Power to the PEAple! This snack calls out to modern-day hippies. Those who want goodness for mind, body and soil can rally alongside with those who want the same. “Let’s stand together: arms in the air, flowers in our hair and crumbs in our beards,” goes the HIPPEAS mantra. These organic chickpea puffs deliver a really great crunch and come in a bunch of different flavors from Vegan White Cheddar to Sriracha Sunshine. We think you should definitely give PEAS a chance!