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We are proud to carry the goods of over 350 local farmers, growers, brewers, bakers, makers—everything from apples and cheese to salsa and zucchini. Because of our proximity to other states, local for us is considered “110 miles as the crow flies”.

Saxy Chef

Antrim, NH

Aubrey Saxton believes everything you put in your mouth should be the best it can be. “If you’re going to eat a brownie or piece of pie, make sure it’s not just satisfying your sweet tooth, but also your soul.” Aubrey and her Saxy Chef team make everything by hand, with love, using only the very highest-quality ingredients in a very cozy space on downtown Antrim’s main street.  Aubrey’s pies are a must for your Thanksgiving and holiday get-togethers when you can pre-order your favorites but thankfully we can indulge all year long as she delivers pie, whoopie pies, and other baked goodies to the co-op almost every week of the year.

Tensen Farm

Lyme, NH


Tensen is a small family farm run by Arend and Paula Tensen and son, AJ offering high-quality, grass-fed beef with a grain finish which is also grown on the farm. The main Tensen farm is located on a former dairy farm which Arend and Paula bought in 2014. Paula is an eighth-generation member of the Balch family to live in this Connecticut River town, located in the Upper Valley of Grafton County. Although not all have been farmers, AJ has high hopes of being a ninth-generation Balch to live in Lyme and make his living from the land. You can follow AJ known as “The Beef Farmer” on YouTube and Instagram for a glimpse of daily life at raising and processing field crops and working with cattle. Tensen Farms has been designated a “New Hampshire Farm of Distinction.”

The Bread Shed

Keene, NH

Brittany’s love of her Aunt & Uncle’s Bread Bakery in Vermont led her to apprentice with them as a teenager. She’s been handcrafting her own baked goods here in Keene since 2011. From cranberry walnut bread and focaccia to cookies and biscotti, we love everything she bakes!

Tracie’s Community Farm

Fitzwilliam, NH

In 2018, Tracie’s Community Farm in Fitzwilliam, received one of our Monadnock Food Co-op Farm Fund grant awards to purchase a 6-row seeder in order to increase the efficiency of their seeding process on the farm. Their first seeding, which usually takes 8-10 hours for 18 beds, was completed in just over 4 with the new equipment! This savings of time helps the farm be more productive, grow sales, and provide more delicious food to our community!

“The Farm Fund grant has allowed us to follow through with a project that was once out of reach due to financial constraints and has had a tangible impact on our productivity. We no longer lose an experienced employee for hours each week to seeding”, shared Jack Rixley, Farm Manager

Walpole Creamery

Walpole, NH

Walpole Creamery started in 2006 with one goal—to make ice cream in small batches from fresh local milk and all-natural ingredients. Their process is controlled from cow to cone including making their own base mix from scratch — their Sweet Cream flavor. It’s the only ice cream maker in NH that does that! Walpole Creamery Ice Cream gets its “Super Premium” designation by having over 16% milk fat making it the very creamiest ice cream you can get.

Walpole Valley Farm

Walpole, NH

Chris and Caitlin Caserta find inspiration from “Grass Farmer,” Joel Salatin, of Virginia. Like Salatin, Walpole Valley Farms rotates its livestock regularly to different pastures to increase soil fertility. The farm provides 100% grass-fed and finished beef and lamb, pasture-raised chickens, turkeys, pigs, and eggs as well as cashmere goats and a wide variety of herbs and heirloom vegetables. Three generations of Casertas helped restore the farm in 1999, opening the Inn at Valley Farms as a bed & breakfast before the farming began and later opening The Hungry Diner just 5 miles away.