July Construction Update

Harvey Construction is busy with site work at the co-op’s future building location.  Because our project is part of Monadnock Economic Development Corporation‘s larger redevelopment of the Railroad Square area, there are many time-consuming pieces that need to be coordinated in conjunction with our project. Please be patient, progress is being made.

One of the first steps is to relocate utilities that run through the area where our building will be built.  Once the utilities are relocated and other general site work completed, the installation of our building’s foundation begins, starting with the installation of Geopiers — currently planned for the first week in August.

Geopiers are a type of foundation support system made of stiff rock columns used to strengthen soft soil.  A Geopier is constructed by drilling a hole in the soil, referred to as the Geopier shaft. After drilling, 2 to 4 inches of crushed rock is poured into the shaft and then rammed into the bottom of the shaft with a hydraulic hammer and specially designed Geopier rammer tool to create the pier.


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