Sustainability Project offers FEDCO Seeds and Specialty Collections for Sale

From the Sustainability Project

Once again it’s time to envision your gardens filled with luscious vegetables started from seed. By placing your FEDCO seed order through The Sustainability Project, you save on shipping charges and help support their Annual Seed Celebration and Sustainable Community Fair and Emerson Brook Forest Center’s trails and perennial gardens. The Sustainability Project chooses FEDCO seeds because they offer a large selection of organic, heirloom, and open pollinated varieties. You can stop by Green Energy Options, 79 Emerald Street, Keene for a paper catalog or go on-line to

Please submit your orders to by noon on Friday, January 10th, 2014. Orders may be emailed to Lenoir McDougal or left at Green Energy Options. Be sure to include product ID number, name, and quantity desired as well as your contact information. These orders are for seeds only, not Moose Tubers or Garden Supply. If you are hand-writing a form, please write neatly. Thank you for your support!


Organic Open-pollinated Seed Collection  

For those who want seed ordering made easy, The Sustainability Project recommends a collection of open-pollinated organic seeds, all good for seed saving. The collection costs $25.00 and consists of:

*Provider Bush Benas     *Atomic Red Carrots     *Bull’s Blood Beets

*Delux Lettuce Mix  *Bloomsdale Spinach  *Sweet Basil

*Sugarsnap Peas     *Solar Flashback Calendula     *Sugarbaby Watermelon

*Uncle David’s Dakota Dessert Buttercup Winter Squash

*New England Pie Pumpkin    *Costata Romanesca  Summer Squash

*Rainbow Lacinato Kale     *Marketmore 76 Cucumber

 We’ll notify you when your seeds are ready for pick up at Green Energy Options or at the Seed Celebration and Sustainable Community Fair.