Early March Building Update

Since the floor staining on February 16th, our refrigeration cases arrived — including produce, meat & seafood, deli and freezer cases.  This equipment really begins to define the inside look of the building and outlines some of our store aisles — so exciting! In addition to our cases, our soup and salad bars are here and sink installation begins next week.
An aisle of Dairy cases with Meat & Seafood cases in the background.

The interior walls are now painted with bright, cheerful (and fun!) colors that match our logo – purples, yellows and other hues to distinguish each section of the store.

This week, Harvey Construction, the building contractor, meets with the city of Keene to discuss our Certificate of Occupancy — which will determine when co-op staff can move into the building. Knowing our move-in date will help us commit to an official store opening date (sometime in early April).  Stay tuned!

We want to give a big shout out of thanks to Dan Scully, Katie Cassidy Sutherland and the staff from Scully Architects, and also Matt Holian, Jack Dugan and the staff at Monadnock Economic Development Corp

An aisle of Dairy cases with Meat & Seafood cases in the background.

. They’ve all been wonderful partners in this project, helping us do everything from staining the co-op’s floor to obtaining our exterior sign permit.