New Farm to Table Campaign Honors Local Restaurant

The Monadnock Farm and Community Coalition (MFCC), Food Connects, and the Monadnock Food Co-op have joined forces to develop a “Local Food STAR Restaurant” campaign in our region. The goal of the marketing campaign is to connect the public with the finest farm-to-table dining experiences in our region, as well as infuse much-needed income into the pockets of local farmers.

Farm to table dining has become the hallmark of communities that support local agriculture, providing rich culinary experiences using fresh, more flavorful ingredients frequently grown in sustainable and ethical ways.

“We are very excited to honor Machina Arts Kitchen & ArtBar with our first Monadnock Local Food STAR Restaurant designation,” said Roe-Ann Tasoulas, MFCC director. “Machina Arts Kitchen & ArtBar’s commitment to local farms and great food is evident to anyone who has the pleasure to dine in this cool, innovative restaurant.”

Machina Arts was founded in 2013 by Danya Landis and Rebecca Hamilton to address the need for an art-based cultural experience.

“Over the years, Machina has transformed from a homegrown arts collective into a business offering a full-service Farm to Table Restaurant and Artbar,” shared co-founder, Danya Landis. “We pay attention to each ingredient that goes into our food and drinks, providing customers with the highest quality and best-tasting food while supporting our local farmers.”

Chef Jordan Scott continued, “Purchasing locally and ethically is a commitment to our local community and economy and we have built that commitment into our business from day one.”

A Monadnock Local Food STAR Restaurant sources from at least four Monadnock Region farms in one year. Selected restaurants receive a free toolkit of materials — window decals, logos for menus, and for use on social media platforms, as well as other items — designating their business as a STAR Restaurant. Additionally, they will enjoy a feature story in the Monadnock Table Magazine and a listing as a STAR Restaurant on MFCC’s website.

“We hope that this program will incentivize restaurants to purchase from farmers and local food producers throughout the region, increasing the economic impact in our local community,” said Laura Carbonneau, Food Connects marketing manager.

To apply to become a Monadnock Local Food STAR Restaurant, please contact [email protected].