The Real Organic Project

The Real Organic Project is working to preserve the integrity of the USDA organic label by protecting soil health, the surrounding environment and ensuring grazing animals are receiving the appropriate care. We came upon the critical work they are doing in partnership with our local farmers and nationally because of a long-time supporter and Co-op Member-Owner. She also happens to be a volunteer with the Real Organic Project, who provided us information for both consumers and farmers interested in becoming certified with the Real Organic Project.

They’ve recently created an add-on label, and certification with Standards to complement the USDA certified organic label that works to advance an understanding of organic values, practices and to create transparency on farming practices. This no-cost add-on certification is already on local farmers’ goods you may be accustomed to purchasing here at the Co-op, including Nye Hill Farm and Picadilly Farm.

This add-on certification, along with the Real Organic Projects, Know your Farmer videos, allows for a broader audience of consumers to learn about the practices of their local farmers who are working tirelessly to support real organic farming.

We’ve asked some of our farmers why they have decided to partner with the Real Organic Project, most notably we heard that they believe in soil and building long-term farm sustainability. They became certified because as a small farm, the project makes them feel better about what they are doing.

The Real Organic Project, its add-on certification, newsletter, Symposium, and campaigns are doing the work that keeps our local and diverse food system thriving in our rural communities. Their enthusiastic and critical work is necessary; farmers started the Real Organic Project to protect the meaning of organic and to learn more about the Real Organic Project, including their certified farms take a moment to browse through all of their resources made available on their website.