In Response to Boycotts

Monadnock Food Co-op empowers people to shop according to their diverse perspectives, philosophies, and physical needs. From the perspective of product selection, that means that we emphasize local and organic products that support consumers’ preferences for fair labor practices and environmental sustainability.Our support of local businesses, as well as brands like Equal Exchange, Alaffia, Dr.Bronner’s, Organic Valley, La Riojana Wine Cooperative, and many more, means that we are making an important impact in growing the market for goods that support our co-op’s ends statements. By proactively supporting these kinds of items we are making both a positive ecological impact on our planet and a sociological impact in the communities that produce goods.Simultaneously, we strive to be an affordable, full-service store that sells consistently high-quality products and everyday basics. We stock the products you want and buy – each time you make a purchase, at the co-op or elsewhere, you are casting a vote with your dollars.  Use this power to support the brands, foods, and company missions that are important to you.  If a product sells slowly, it is in our best business interest to find something else to replace it.  We respect that our shoppers and owners hold a wide variety of views on some of the companies and products available in the co-op and do not engage in store-wide boycotts of specific companies or categories.