GM Updates: Shopper Survey, COVID-19 Reminders, Expansion Updates

Shopper Survey Results

Remember that co-op survey that many of you filled out in early March? We finally have the space to share some of the results with you all. Before diving in, I want to thank each of you for responding to this survey. It happens every other year and sets the course for future efforts to serve our community better.

Overall shopper satisfaction with our co-op remains high. What factors would influence more of you to shop more often at our co-op? 1) Lower prices, 2) Improved product selection and variety, 3) Availability of more local products. Luckily, we will address all three of these factors with our expansion project. We have much work to do this year — but these survey results reinforce that expanding our co-op will better serve shoppers’ needs.

Reusable Bags

With the NH Governor lifting the ban on reusable bags, we welcome you to resume bringing your own bags to our co-op. Reusable containers (for bulk items and the RO water machine) are also allowed — but please wash them after each use. Coffee mugs and other reusable containers in other parts of the store are still prohibited at this time. View more COVID-19 FAQs.

Face Coverings

A huge thank you for everyone’s cooperation while we transitioned to requiring face coverings.  While we all would probably prefer not to wear one, the current situation with COVID-19 requires us to slow the spread of the virus and protect our shoppers and staff’s health.

Unfortunately, face coverings have become a divisive issue and retail stores across the country feel the effects of this contention. Please know, we respect everyone’s opinion.  Many of you have provided words of thanks and encouragement to our staff, which we greatly appreciate. We miss seeing your smiling faces. Know that behind our face coverings, we are smiling at you. We can get through this uncertain time together, one smile at a time. Let’s keep working together to support each other as we head through August into the fall.


As we approach the second week of August, you’ll begin to notice significant shifts in certain departments as we make renovation changes inside our store. Initially, you see our new space open up on a limited basis. Our expanded bathrooms will open and we will close our existing ones for renovations.

Shortly thereafter, we will make some changes to our beer, wine, and wellness aisles. If you can’t find a product you are looking for, let us know. We’ll do our best to help while we relocate products to new homes. We’re excited to see all this work happening — we hope you are, too.

Please reach out to me at any time with questions or concerns.