Co-op Joins Great Grey Tee Project to Support Monadnock United Way COVID-19 Relief Fund

Our co-op is thrilled to join this locally based Great Grey Tee Project.  The Monadnock Food Co-op will donate all proceeds from the sales of our t-shirts to the Monadnock United Way COVID-19 Relief Fund.

What is the Great Grey Tee Project?

From Bulldog Design

Here at Bulldog, we have been wracking our brains about how we can help our community. What can we do to help our fellow local businesses? What can we do to help our shop and keep our employees working?

What a strange time this is. Everyone is working from home, bars and restaurants are closed, and toilet paper is sold out everywhere. Quietly, the businesses that are such a big part of our daily lives are collectively holding their breath while they navigate this unprecedented craziness and try and hold together their business they have worked so hard for.

For the better part of 20 years, Bulldog has worked with most of the small businesses, non-profits, bars, and restaurants in the area, in one way or another. At this point, we all know these small, family-owned businesses are going to be hit hardest. These establishments are there for us, let’s take an opportunity to be there for them, and for your neighbors that work for them.

These shirts are basic, but unique, especially for those places that you normally never have the opportunity to buy a branded shirt from! The shirt is oxford grey with a dark grey print. Each shirt is labeled with the COMMUNITY SUPPORT TEAM, GREY TEE PROJECT MEMBER logo on the left sleeve. Kickin’ it old school.

You’ll be able to see other members on the street after this and know you both worked together to help your neighbors survive these trying times.

We are going to run this on-line store continuously and print the orders weekly, or as fast as we can. So even though the store says it closes, that is just the date that we will be tabulating and printing that week’s orders. We have made the artwork and shirt options simple to maximize the money generated. Here is the transparent math, each shirt costs 19 dollars, 10 dollars will go directly to the business or non-profit you purchased your shirt from, to help them support their staff. 9 dollars will go to our team at Bulldog to cover materials, labor and processing fees from the store. We will be offering free curbside pick-up at Bulldog during our operating hours, or we can ship to you if you choose.

If you have a business that would like to be included in the Great Grey Tee Project, Please email Joe – [email protected], and we will get you involved as well. We would like to make it clear that this project is not for fundraising of organizations, but for relief efforts of businesses and organizations that are being affected by the shut-downs, to help make ends meet.

**** This is a pre-sale, so the shirts will be produced after the ordering period ends. You will be notified at the email you provide when your order is ready for pick-up, or being shipped. Please be patient, with the very large volume of orders, and all of the different artwork involved, it will take at least a few weeks after the closing date to get these completed.****

All sales are final! For sizing questions please call (603) 352-7217 or email [email protected] PRIOR to ordering. These shirts are a soft and comfortable, basic fit, 50/50 unisex tee.

Thank you from Joe, Karli and the rest of the Bulldog Team. And a huge THANK YOU to you from every business you are able to support through the Great Grey Tee Project.