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Alli’s Got The Beet!

Congratulations Alli!

Every quarter we recognize an employee who exemplifies the co-op spirit. Alli Blouin is the well-deserving recipient this time around. She’s an amazing co-operator and brings enthusiasm, positivity, and a cheerful personality into everything that she does. And she spreads that cheer to all of her co-workers. Alli has been a great addition to the store and to the grocery department since the day she started. We can count on her to be on time and willing to work extra if needed. She steps in to help out on events big and small and is always thinking of ideas to better her department and the store. Alli is always great with our customers, making them feel welcomed. She’ll take the time to answer everybody’s questions and so many customers that know to ask for her by name. We are so glad to have Alli as a part of our co-op!